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Tip and Dip Training

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Dip Acrylic, also referred to as Tip and Dip.

Some clients do not like acrylic and / or are allergic to gel, or even just require more strength than gel can offer, this is your solution.

No glues, no monomer. A safe, hydroquinone free resin is used in combination with a specific acrylic powder (benzoyl peroxide free powder) This powder is specially formulated to be a safe powder for dipping, this means no damage to the hyponychium)

Dip acrylic systems have up to 75% less filing than traditional acrylic systems. This system is quick and easy to do and can be filled.

Our Dip Powders are manufactured with the most effective formula that makes your nails feel natural without any damage to the nail beds.

Soak off process is quick and easy leaving your nails healthy without any damage.

1 Day
or split into 4 interest-free payments of R762,50 with PAYFLEX
2 Live models
Dip kit included

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