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Nail Art. Classic Gel Painting Course. Level1

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Classic Painting covers the basics of any hand-drawn design and provides the base for all Level 2 Courses. It teaches you to position your hand correctly, to OWN the brush, being able to control angles and  pressure in order to draw the finest elements in detail. Elements taught are lines, swirls, leaves, flowers and their attractive combinations. These techniques can be used on either artificial acrylic or gel nails,  natural nails, on top of nail varnish or gel polish.

PLEASE NOTE:  This is a compulsory course for all free hand drawing courses of LEVEL 2 and 3. Independent Courses such as Transfer Foils, Natural Textures etc. DO NOT require a base of Classic Painting and can be taken at anytime.

1 Day Training

R2000. Kit included.

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