Microblading Training

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Microblading Training

R12 500 – 2 day training course, excluding kit

This option is only recommended if you are already in the beauty industry and if you are able to easily grasp new techniques.

R20 000 – 3 day training option, excluding kit

micro blading technique, shaded and ombre brow technique, brow correction.

We focus extensively on the fundamentals of colour chemistry, anatomy and physiology of the skin. We teach students how to design and assist clientele with colour choices in all procedures for each individual.

Students are taught advanced anaesthetic theory and training techniques to insure painless application. We assist with the hands-on with practical details, angles and depths that ensure safe applications.

We share our vast experience in delivering and teaching each treatment. Additionally, we share our personal tips, tricks and skills to students to ensure that they stand out as specialists in the industry.



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