Paramedical Procedures

Paramedical Procedures include tattoo removal methods, Skin needling to rejuvenate  damaged skin using a special rotary device that can target scars and stretch marks. Skin camouflaging using specially designed skin pigments to correct hypo-pigmented scars, stretch marks and skin disorders like vitiligo. We also offer areola repigmentation for those who have had breast augmentation of any sort.

Scar & Stretch Mark Revision

  • What type of scars can we treat: Stretch marks – Face lift – Tummy tuck – Acne scars – Burns Breast surgery, Other surgery, trauma and accident scars
  • What is used? We use a combination of Dry Skin Needling and Micro-needling to breakdown abnormal, fibrous tissue.
  • How does it work? New tissue grows replacing the damaged skin. The loose and sunken scars and stretch marks will begin to fill and firm. White, purple and red mis-coloured scars begin to normalise. Raised and bumpy scars smooth and flatten. This technique gently breaks up tight, restricting and fibrous scar tissue. Numb areas of burnt or scarred tissue can begin to have feeling & less restricted movement
  • Aftercare treatment is important & normally a package of 3 or 6 sessions are required to achieve the desired end result.

Skin, Scar & Stretch Mark Camouflaging

  • We are able to use specially designed, FDA compliant Skin camouflaging pigments to recolour hypo-pigmented skin.
  • This can be done on any skin that has less colour than the surounding tissue. Ex. White stretch marks, vitiligo skin disorder and scars that are void of pigment.
  • A patch test is alwasy necessary before a big area can be treated to ensure that the healed colour is a perfect match.
  • Noramlly 1- 3 sessions are required depedning on the amount of detail needed.
  • These reults will require a touch up every few years (+- 3-5 years). If your skin darkens during summer months, the pigment will stay the same, therefore we try to do skin colour matching while your skin is not tanned.

Is this a new concept?

Paramedical tattooing and procedures are advanced techniques and have been used in the medical community for over 35 years, this is not anything new, but it is quite specialised and therefore not as well known as other treatments like micro-needling . To attend this training and certify in these techniques you must already be a qualified permanent cosmetics artist. You need a good understanding of skin as well as colour theory. We are able to do 3D areola repigmentation, tattoo removal, Scar revision, skin camouflaging, portwine stain revision, advanced micro-needling and so much more.

This is a process and not a single procedure and therefore anything between 2 - 6 sessions are required to achieve your desired results.

Stretch mark revision is usually a procedure that requires 3-6 sessions while skin camouflaging can done in 1-2 sessions.

Tattoo removal is normally a three step process. However, each individual could require a different number of treatments depending on numerous factors. Some clients are fortunate and only need one session, others need up to five sessions.

Bertha is a master practitioner and trainer and has been performing these procedures for over a decade.