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Full Nail Technology

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Your success is our success and we strive to achieve nothing less.

Our Nail Technology training is Internationally recognised and is presented by Erika Breytenbach who has over 20 years experience in nail technology & education. She has worked abroad, judged national nail competitions and has a 98% certification rate for previously trained students.

Rubberbase Reinforcement – protecting and supporting the natural nail.

Gel polish application

Combo Gel Extensions/ Sculpting. (gel & acrylic hybrid system)

Electric nail file



Nail art

Option One

Includes all systems, all kits and the electric nail file with all essential bits.

R17 970, kit value is R10 060

Option Two

Includes all nail systems, excludes the electric nail file and bits

R14 950, kit value R6950

6-7 days in total. We break up the days to accommodate time in-between modules to practice and gain confidence. Days are flexible to accommodate your schedule and you can book each module as you have the funds available.

This is ideal for both part time and full time students as it offers flexibility in class.

Kit Lists Include:

Cuticle pusher                                        Combo liquid 100ml

Primer                                                     180/180 files x2

150/150 files x2                                     Buffer

Rubber Top Gel                                      Rubber Base Gel

Gel Polish x3 colours                             Nail Wipes

Hand cream 100ml                               Cuticle oil

Dust brush                                              Cuticle nipper

Sun one 48 watt Lamp                         Combo liquid 100ml

Combo Gel 30g (gel & acrylic hybrid systems)

100 Precision sculpting forms                Combo brush 

100/180 file                                               Sugar scrub 1kg

   Foot cream 1kg                                     Soy wrap 1kg

Kalahari soak 1kg                                     15 Mini Fizz balls

Hand and Nail Repair Cream 300ml

Cuticle Remover 100ml                          Body butter 250g

Foot file                                                    Cuticle Oil 30ml

120/240 grid Nail File                             Buffing Block

Large toe nail clipper                               Liquid wrap Top & Base Coat

Non Acetone Polish Remover 150ml

Manicure brush                             

3-way Fatti Shiner                                     Ultra Guard 150ml



If you wish to do each module individually in order to accommodate  your time schedule and budget. Your payment schedule will be as follows:

1st instalment is R5200 – this includes your start up kit and beginners training modules.

2nd instalment is R2800 – this includes your advanced sculpting kit and training modules

3rd Instalment is RR650 – R3770. This is for your advanced electric nail filing course. R3770 includes our popular Silver Jack electric nail file and bits.

4th Instalment is R5800 for full manicure and pedicure training includes your matsimela spa kit.

5th Instalment is R2000 for nail art training with kit.


It is not compulsory to attend all modules depending on the qualification that you want to obtain.










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