Frequently asked questions

Premier Pigments last 7-10 years plus and is the only pigment that has such lasting results.

No, our procedure is 95% pain free. It is possible to feel some discomfort but very rare for a client to actually experience any pain during the procedure. The advanced technology with our secret anesthetic creams makes the procedure virtually painless. After the procedure it has a similar sensation to sunburn.

Sometimes a second treatments could be necessary depending on the desired end result, clients skin type and health. Touch ups are charged at R495 (on our own work) With eyes, brows and lip liner, maximum of two procedures might be required. However with full lip colour a minimum of 2 treatments are required for “solid lipstick”, and only 1 procedure for “lip gloss”. Touch-ups cannot be done before a 6 week healing period has passed.

If you have existing permanent cosmetics (done by someone else than Capri Beauty) we will advise a complete “RE-DO” to insure that the Premier pigments can dominate the existing result and give same quality & longevity.

3 days of anti- bacterial ointment application. 7 -10 days for scabs to lift off. 6 weeks complete healed color result.

YES. Permanent make up is a natural enhancement of your facial features. However, pigments can be altered and changed inside the skin to either lighter/ darker shades. Colours can also be changed according to age and preference.

YES. After 8 hours you are very welcome to apply make up over the area, but remove your make up with Vaseline for the first 3 days after procedure.

Yes. We only work in the papillary layer of the skin. (in between the Epidermis and Dermis)