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Advanced Combo Gel Sculpture Course. (acrylic & gel hybrid system)

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Our nail sculpture (extensions) is what everybody talks about for years.

Learn to sculpt our renowned Arched nails in a new European shape with the deep C-Curve, which are strong and long lasting.

Our Basic COMBO GEL Course is a unique course where we teach you to sculpt the nails (no tips and glues!) and we teach you to work with electric filing machine.

A  kit of R600 is included in the Course price.

Duration: 1-2 full days.

R2000 for 1 day training. Includes your kit valued at R600 (experienced nail techs only)

R2850 for 2 days training. Includes your kit valued at R600 (all welcome)

add e-filing for R3000 this amount includes a Silver Jack E-file. (total course duration remains 2 days)

It is not compulsory to add the e-file. (R2350 value)



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